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AAC Plus Encoders for Altacast

AAC Plus Encoders for Altacast

Works with RadioDJ 1.8.x or the newer version 2.x this download will enable you to stream AAC+ to Shoutcast or Icecast servers.

You will need the standalone app for RDJ 2.x as it no longer supports Altacast. You can find more details here:

Once you’ve installed the Altacast DL, unzip this DL into the Altacast install folder.


Tone Detect

Tone Detect

ToneDet is used to monitor an audio signal a for specific frequency tone or multiple tones and run other software when it detects the tones. Although it can detect any audio frequency, ToneDet is usually used to detect very low frequency tones that cannot be heard by humans.

Typical Applications
~ Radio Network Broadcasts (to automatically trigger commercial breaks).
~ Control Systems. To control remove systems over an audio system.
~ Remote Audio Switches. To switch signals on and off using tones.

~ Sub-band information transmission. To transmit information over an audio transmission.
~ Many more related applications.

BBC Pips

BBC Pips

This is a .rar file that contains 3 audio files.

The first file in this package (pips.wav) is a sequence of 5 100ms pip tones followed by a 1s continuous tone which very closely resembles the familiar BBC TOH time signature pips.

The second (pips_lo_sub.flac) is the same file with a 25Hz sub-audible preceding the pips.

The third is the same pips file with the 25Hz tone at the end of the pips.